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About Us

4444 unique Vending Machine NFTs have been introduced to the Avalanche network. We are here to establish a strong and dedicated community that will work together to benefit from being a part of the VMN community.

Our goal is to change the narrative in NFT space from just a profile picture, to beneficial utilities varying from mint rewards, secondary sales distributions, frequent Airdrops and colaborations exclusive to VMN holders.

As we are building this community, it's establishing itself as an umbrella to many more NFT projects to come. An NFT collection by the community for the community!


Meet the Team working on VMN

The Founders

Rest of the Team

  • xrpant
  • Nolan
  • Chris
  • Exshot
  • Kriptooffer


  • Q4 2021
    • Set up website, social media platforms, and kickstart marketing campaign to introduce VMN to the public
    • Put smart contracts on the Avalanche network and start the creation of a marketplace
  • Q1 2022
    • Project launch, presale mints, and funds allocated to start our mission
    • Buy land in the SandBox Game as an investment for holders

      LAND (23, -76) was purchased on OpenSea on January 11th, 2022 for 5 ETH.

    • First donation to buildon.org to build schools with crypto

      Our first donation of 2.395 ETH to buildon.org happened on January 13th, 2022. View transaction

    • Launch official Vending Machines Marketplace to allow VMN holders to receive rewards from secondary sales

      Visit and trade on our official marketplace to receive 50% of the royalties as rewards.

    • Continuous free NFT airdrops to VMN holders
    • Start building our Metaverse on the Avalanche Network!
  • Q2 2022
    • Start the testing of our Metaverse, release infographic videos and materials
    • Release NFTs for the Metaverse and as always Free Airdrops to VMN Holders
    • Develop $VMN coin tokenomics, staking and farming
    • Install Vending Machines in the Metaverse to vend items
    • Distribute lands to VMN holders from our own Metaverse, one of the biggest utilities of this project
  • Q3 2022
    • NFT Airdrops from new projects and rewards for the VMN community
    • Intergrate businesses to our Metaverse

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an NFT?

    A "Non-Fungible Token" (NFT) is data structured in a standardized manner, proving ownership of an item that is stored in a digital ledger (on the blockchain).
    This item then can represent something specific and unique, like a piece of art, an inventory item in a game, a song, and more. Owning an NFT is just like owning a painting, except instead of owning it physically, you own it virtually, on the blockchain. Refer to this video to get started.

  • What does "minting" mean?

    Minting is the term used to describe the process of "creating" a new NFT token. When you mint, a new NFT token is created for this collection, which you will become the owner of.

  • How can I buy a Vending Machines NFT?

    You can mint a Vending Machines NFT token at the mint section of this website.

  • Where can I view or sell my NFT after minting?

    You can view and trade your Vending Machines NFT token at our official nft marketplace.

  • How do I setup the Avalanche network on MetaMask?

    Refer to the official tutorial made by the Avalanche team.